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MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications. 5th edition by Amos Gilat
2014 | ISBN: 1118629868 | ISBN-13: 9?81 1 18629864 | 416 pages I PDF | 31,5 MB
More college students use Amos Gilat’s MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications than any other
MATLAB textbook. This concise book is known for its just-in-time learning approach that gives
students information when they need it.
The new edition gradually presents the latest MATLAB functionality in detail. Equally effective as a
freshmen-level text. self-study tool, or course reference, the book is generously illustrated through
computer screen shots and step-by-step tutorials, with abundant and motivating applications to
problems in mathematics, science. and engineering.
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Using MATLABLEI examples wherever possible, Multi-Sensor Data Fusion with MATLAB explores the
three levels of multi-sensor data fusion {MSDF}: kinematic-level blend, including the theory of DF;
fuzzy logic and decision fusion; along with pixel- and feature-level image blend. The authors
elucidate DF techniques, algorithms, and performance evaluation generally for aerospace
applications, although the methods can even be applied to systems in other places. such as
biornedicine, military safeguard. and environmental engineering.
After representing several useful strategies and algorithms pertaining to DF and tracking
performance. this book evaluates DF algorithms, application, and systems. It next protects fuzzy
logic. fuzzy sets along with their properties. fuzzy logic operators, fuzzy propositionsfrule-based
systems. an inference serps, and defuzzification methods. It develops the latest MATi_AB graphical
user interface pertaining to evaluating fuzzy implication functions, before using fuzzy logic for you
to estimate the unknown states of your dynamic system by processing sensor info. The book then
employs main component analysis. spatial frequency. and wavelet-based image fusion algorithms
for the fusion of image data by sensors. it also presents procedures for combing tracks extracted
from imaging sensor and ground-based radar. The last chapters discuss how DF is put on mobile
intelligent autonomous systems along with intelligent monitoring systems.
Fusing sensors’ data can bring about numerous benefits in a system’s efficiency. Through real-
world examples and this evaluation of algorithmic results, this detailed book provides a
comprehension of MSDF concepts and methods from a practical point of view.
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