Mobile control fan or bulb





The remote control technologies have been used in the fields like factory automation, space exploration, in places  where human access is difficult as this has been achieved  in the domestic systems partially. Existing systems are expensive to implement as different means of communications are used where instant access is a challenge . Existing systems also lack the security in a real world application that would require while implementing the system in a real world application. So a system is required to be designed such that can offer way out for both instant access & security. The proposed system attempts to provide a cost effective solution to the problems found in controlling devices from  off-site. The method of remote control is modified in this system focusing on faster action and diversity of applications. As the mobile phone enables us to connect  with the outside devices via mobile communication network regardless of time and space, the mobile phone is a suitable device to send control signals to remote systems. Method proposed here uses the DTMF (Duel Tone Multi Frequency)  when keypad button of mobile phone is pressed by the user. The mobile phone user controls the system by sending DTMF tone to access point. Mobile communication network is larger than LANs, thus user can take advantage of mobile phones to control the system