Alien technology possibly detected while orbiting an aloof star


Using Kepler telescope to probe the depths of space, a group of scientific researchers helped by citizens (or amateur astronomers) that have processed huge amounts of data (lights of distant stars) has identified an anomalous star that is causing great interest.

8462852 star KIC has been located between the constellations Cygnus and Lyra and apparently emits light at an uneven pace, which suggests to astronomers that contains in its orbit number of foreign objects. These objects could be comets, but such an arrangement has not been observed in more than 150,000 stars analyzed by the Kepler team. Meanwhile, some scientists believe could be an artificial orbit designed by an alien civilization.

Jason Wright of Penn State University , is working on an alternative hypothesis of the light pattern.Wright believes that this pattern is consistent with a “swarm of mega-structures” that could be an energy harvesting engineering. Perhaps a more advanced civilization has implemented a method to harness the power of its parent star. “The aliens must be the last hypothesis to consider, but this seems like a extraterrestrial civilization would.”

Wright and his colleagues will take a more detailed analysis phase of the radio waves emitted from KIC 8462852, using a telescope in New Mexico. For now only have to look these constellations and imagine that perhaps in that space in the cosmos there are intelligent beings, although perhaps unimaginable intelligences exist anywhere in the sky toward which we look

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